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eBay RPG Auction

Hey there fellow RPG Fanatics! Sorry that there hasn't been a video this month yet; I've been working on getting a house loan so I can do more with the channel (having a dedicated set and garage to work on videos would improve the quality considerably!) but I might release a mini-review without any live-action footage this month; if so, it'll be on Chrono Trigger.

Anyway, I'm trying to raise some cash by selling some games I don't really need. I have somewhat of a hoarder mentality when it comes to games but, when money is so tight, I need to sell off anything I don't really need.


Some of these games I have already reviewed, some I have footage recorded for but haven't made a review yet, and some I've never got around to recording footage for. But they are just games; I can always buy them again in the future.

If you wish to help me out and get some great games, please do bid on the auctions. With the exception of Actraiser 2, they all have the original case and instruction manuals, and are in pretty good condition.

If you wish, I can even autograph the game for you!