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Review for the PSP game 'The 3rd Birthday', developed by HexaDrive and published by Square-Enix.

This videogame is the third game in the Parasite Eve franchise. It is a third-person tactical shooter computer roleplaying game. The game takes place in Manhattan, in New York City. The player takes on the role of Aya Brea, and must fight against mysterious "Twisted" creatures threatening the city.
I recently confronted Asalieri on the Original-Gamer podcast about his harassment toward me. There is a version of this podcast that Asalieri leaked a few days ago where he purposely garbled my audio to obscure my arguments, but you can listen to the real version on the Original-Gamer podcast.

Some people have questioned why I keep standing up to Asalieri and co. as they try to bully me.

The first reason is that Asalieri claimed if I did the debate he would stop harassing me and encourage his fans to stop as well. Though I did not believe him, I gave it a try.

The second reason is this: because standing up to a bully is the best way to deal with one.

Bullies are all about control and power. When they get confronted it usurps their sense of power and spoils their fun. Bullies like Asalieri prefer "soft" targets who don't stand up to them, such as the autistic man in his RAR #9 video or (yes) The Irate Gamer who turned to disabling all comments on his videos to deal with the flood of trolling; much of which I don't believe he deserved (just because someone makes errors doesn't give you the right to make death threats against them or hound them for years).

I want it to be clear this isn't about people disagreeing with me: When you put yourself out on the internet or create a show such as The RPG Fanatic, it is expected that you are going to get people who will disagree with your opinions and viewpoints. That's fine and I am quite willing to debate with people who disagree with me, as I try to converse with people who leave comments on my videos so that I'm not just another voice on the TV who you can't interact with. I also consider the ability for people to give instant feedback on your videos a great asset for film-makers, and I believe I've made quite a lot of effort to improve the structure of my videos based on some of the feedback I've received.

The intent of someone who is giving constructive criticism is not the same as someone who makes a video distorting someone's statements, uploading footage of themselves calling someone a faggot, or following someone around the internet to harass them because they were blocked from their Youtube channel. The latter individuals are acting out of malice.

If this were a situation occurring in person, Asalieri and his fanboys would not keep it up. These guys are cowards who can only hide behind their computers and make videos to mock people. They are in love with the sound of their own voice, lecturing their victims about things like the freedom of speech while trying to deny those rights to their victims; for example, Asalieri started his attack by threatening to harass me until I removed one of my videos. He claims to be against censorship but demands I remove my videos. He accuses me of being morally corrupt for making money off my videos but then runs ads on his own videos once he obtains a blip.tv account. These kind of hypocritical statements are common to bullies.

These bullies also engage in common misinformation tactics, like misrepresenting facts surrounding a person, or taking the statements a person has made out of context (as an example, many of the videos Asalieri has uploaded cut my audio portion mid-sentence, altering the intended context of what I said). They also have a habit of repeating themselves like a broken record even when what they are saying has been proven to be false or already addressed.

And when these tactics fail they turn to throwing out slurs like "faggot".

Unfortunately the internet allows a person to do this kind of harassing behavior without having to risk meeting the person they are tormenting in real life, and it is more difficult for law enforcement to get involved as well. However, when the harassment it done through third party websites like Youtube or blip.tv, there are resources at hand to deal with the harassment.

I am using these resources to confront the bullies and as evident by their current comments, they are not liking it at all. Each flag prevents them from uploading more videos and hurts any dreams of becoming a Youtube Partner; which many of them have. Their narcissism is making them feel victimized and it's no longer fun for them to keep it up. This is evident by how their complaints are now primarily about how unfair it is that their accounts are flagged, videos removed and even some of their accounts terminated.

Having looked at the channels of the people who are assisting Asalieri, many of them are much like him; they spend extraordinary amounts of time harassing other Youtubers for their own amusement. It seems clear to me that if I just ignored them, once they are through with me they are just going to move on to someone else; someone who might not have the thick skin I have or the ability to challenge them as well as I can. Youtube is somewhat difficult to navigate and finding the proper tools to report people for harassment can be difficult for some people to locate. As a Youtube Partner I'm pretty knowledgeable about the website and how to use it, and I have other resources at my disposal unique to Youtube Partners.

There is also the matter of their false flagging campaign; a number of my game reviews were flagged by them for child abuse. I had to explain to Youtube there was an organized campaign of harassment against me from these guys who were false flagging my videos.

I figure that if I can frustrate their efforts to troll me they will be less likely to do this kind of thing to others in the future, as all they are achieving is the loss of their own accounts. Besides, if what they have done to others is any indication they will never let it go on their own. The only way they are going to stop is when they realize it's not fun for them anymore because they are just getting themselves banned and wasting their time making videos that get removed shortly after being uploaded.

If you are reading this because Asalieri is now harassing you, or you have someone else trolling you on Youtube, I encourage you to not give in to the bullies. Stand up to them and let them know their behavior is not going to be tolerated and will only serve to make their user experience as unenjoyable as they are trying to make others' experiences.

Directly beneath this blog post is a link marked "Labels: trolls". By clicking on that link you can find previous posts I've made with screenshots of some of the statements Asalieri and his fanboys have been making that prove they are not victims of anything except their own stupidity.

Lastly, the curious can find screenshots of Asalieri2's channel comment box here that prove how insanely obsessed they have been with harassing me. These screenshots record what they have been saying and plotting for the past month.

Click here to read all posts I've made on this topic.

This is an unscripted commentary on my experience playing the closed beta for the MMORPG Eden Eternal, which in some regions is called 'Finding Neverland Online'. The game is developed by X-legend and published by Aeria Games.

The game is now in open beta. Some aspects may have changed.
So, officially my partnership with GotGame.com will begin tomorrow but my newest video is already live on their site. Go ahead and check it out!

The RPG Fanatic: Ragnarok Online Renewal Update Review

We also have a RPG Fanatic video site for your mobile phone!   

Also remember that my Ragnarok Online Renewal FAQ and Solo Leveling Guide is uploaded, so look no further if you'd like to play the game and need some tips starting out.

The backlog of RPG Fanatic episodes has also been added to GotGame.com, so if for some reason you prefer Blip.tv over Youtube, you can watch the videos there now.

Don't worry folks, I will still continue to post videos to my Youtube Partner channel. New episodes of The RPG Fanatic will post to my Youtube account about a week after appearing on GotGame.com or Original-Gamer.com; whichever has the exclusive for that video. And I intend to keep my Side-Quests vblogs and other misc. videos on my Youtube channel.

The revised "JRPG Debate" video will be one of the first videos recorded at my new home / studio, so expect it in a few weeks. I've got quite a lot going behind the scenes but after I've settled in, expect to see a larger volume of videos released every month with (ideally) better production values!

This is what Asalieri spends his day doing. Organizing his fans to harass people by encouraging them to knowingly commit copyright infringement and re-upload the videos that got his account shut down, so they can join him in eventually having their computers perma-blocked from Youtube.

 Do you want to know why my fans aren't uploading tons of videos defending me or commenting on every harassing video your troll army uploads?

1) Because I don't ask them to.

2) Because as sane and well adjusted members of society they have better things to do with their day, and they wouldn't join in a campaign to harass people even if I did ask them to do it.

(By the way, those are some rather appalling comments about people with disabilities made by the so-called "Game Anthropologist", "Righteous" Brian Lee.

Edit: The "Game Anthropologist", who posts on Youtube as "blee427", tried to make the following comment on this blog,
Click to see full size image

I've added this to the blog to demonstrate what kind of person he is. )

What a boring life you must all live if this is how you spend your hours, harassing people over the internet who have nothing to do with you. But then again, we're talking about people who champion a guy who sunk low enough to make a video harassing a clearly mentally challenged man (Asalieri's 9th Reviewing a Reviewer video). I might do sketch comedy that parodies subcultures or post up a video where one of my pranks went horribly (and unintentionally) wrong, but at least I don't intentionally mock people for the way they were born.

I know it takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to re-upload each of those videos. It takes me less than 30 seconds to flag them and I only search for them once a day.

The only reason I'm making these blog posts is so inquiring minds can understand the real story, not the warped version of events you dispense trying to paint me as some bad guy.


I'm not the one uploading a bunch of videos designed to slander and harass someone.

I'm not the one knowingly taking someone's else's video and simply re-uploading it in its entirety and largely unaltered condition for the sole purpose of harassing.

I made one video that had absolutely nothing to do with Asalieri that disagreed with Roo of 16 Bit Gems on a matter that is important for the future of videogame journalism. Asalieri is supposedly the best friend in the world with Roo, so Asalieri decided to not just make five videos intended to slander and harass me, but encouraged his subscribers to do so as well.

For a month!

Asalieri then lost his account when, after ignoring my warnings to stop, he lost his account due to multiple DMCA and community guideline violations.

I didn't take your account Asa. Youtube took your account because they looked at the reports and agreed you were breaking the site's user agreement.

You believed you could say and do whatever you liked and nothing would happen. You were wrong. At this point, that's really what it's about, isn't it?

You can't handle being wrong. You have to blame me, Youtube, TGWTG and anyone else who tells you that you can't say and do whatever you like without any negative consequences.

You broke the rules of the websites you joined. That is on you and nobody else.

You picked a fight you couldn't win. That is what is actually ticking you off.

The curious can find screenshots of Asalieri2's channel comment box here that prove how insanely obsessed they have been with harassing me.

Click here to see all posts I've made on this topic.
People have challenged me to prove that Asalieri made statements concerning my military history. While this isn't everything he said, I think the following is surely enough to prove he has said more than he's admitted to;

Unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot of every comment Asalieri made. Back when I discovered that he flooded my video comment box with over 200 messages of profanity and flame-baiting, I still had the silly idea I could just delete the comments and ban him, and it'd be the end of that.

What I do have are screens of the remaining comments on my videos, so people would have an idea why he got banned.

And it's a good thing I did, since people keep asking me why Asalieri was banned from my channel in the first place.

So here it is. Follow along as we re-cap why Asalieri was banned from my channel and then lost his Youtube account as he continued to harass me.

At this point I stopped arguing because it was going no where. Seriously, "your move"? It was obviously a game to him.

Asalieri then made his first video to slander and distort what I was actually saying in my videos. He then started posting on my videos to pick another fight.

So the let me be clear: He wasn't banned for disagreeing.

He was banned because he is a profane lunatic that made it clear he was never going to stop trolling if I didn't take action.

But did he stop? Of course not. He just hopped onto his alternate accounts, Asalieri2 and PissedJose, and kept right on harassing. While I was hanging out with friends for a few days, he proceeded to spam my video with profanity and also engage in pointless arguments with my subscribers. When I returned home and discovered what he was doing, I banned his alternate accounts and deleted the most offensive comments.

Additionally, Asa is fond of using his video tags as a way to send messages to people. Here are the tags for one of the last videos he made about me on his channel.

He posted that video about a month after he was banned from my channel, which told me had no intention of stopping and is why I started reporting him to Youtube.

And, let us not forget the lovely Twitter messages he sends me,

I've said this before but I'll say it again: certain individuals should seriously re-consider whether they wish to associate themselves with a man that has no qualms with calling people "faggots" and encourages his users to false flag and comment flood other people's videos.

Click here to read all posts on this topic.

Response to my Detractors

I know people are getting tired of this.

Believe me I've been tired of it for awhile now. The reason I am making these posts is because there is a landslide of slanderous misinformation out there and I need to set the record straight on some things.

Your anger is grossly misdirected.

Let me be clear: You got your own accounts terminated.

This is what I imagine the problem has been: For too long you have said whatever you liked to people on Youtube and at most, people have simply blocked you from their channels. This is probably the first time anyone actually flagged your comments and videos for review.

It probably hasn't helped that you openly said you were false flagging my videos and re-uploaded the ones that got Asa's account taken down.

Or your obsessive use of the word "faggot".

Do you seriously believe Youtube's employees can't see the messages you send one another? Everyone can see the ones you post into each other's channel comment boxes and video comment boxes.

Smooth criminals you are not.

I very much doubt your punishments have anything to do with my Youtube Partner status. I don't have any special pull with Youtube for taking accounts down. I merely submitted reports on the harassing, threatening and slanderous comments you have been making and once a live person reviewed your comments and videos, you were punished accordingly.

If you truly did nothing to get your accounts suspended then there would be nothing for me to report. You don't get to break the rules and then cry about how you are being victimized. I'm the one who is being harassed here.

An employee of Google reads every DMCA notice I send. A takedown is not an instantaneous process. I got asked questions on a few of them before the notices were sent to your accounts. The same with some of the harassment reports I filed on your accounts.

As for the "fanning the flames" comment I made on my Facebook account; yes, I said that......about a month ago. I did not say that recently. And the statement was made toward people who wanted to "debate" me constantly on my videos, trying to get a rise out me. It didn't bother me because, hey, they are trying to upset me but all they are doing is helping me out. To apply that statement to this situation is taking the comment out of context.

But I will admit that I don't see why I shouldn't find it amusing that those who try to hurt me end up having their efforts backfire.

That said.....Believe me when I tell you that if I block you, I could care less if you watch my videos anymore.

If I block you and then send you a message I am doing so out of a desire to encourage you to stop your continuing harassment and leave me alone.

As for comments on the Original-Gamer podcast, there are no logins for the comment section. Anyone can easily impersonate another and there have indeed been impersonations of me in the comments section of that podcast. I attempted to point this out but at this point I'm just giving up. It is too easy to impersonate on that site and I've let the owner know about it.

Concerning blip.tv , not only do I have a blip account myself but I also know where the DMCA takedown notice tool is on the website. I can as easily file notices there as I can on Youtube. The idea your copyright infringement and harassment will be safe on blip.tv is quite ridiculous. The creators of blip.tv have openly stated they are only interested in supporting people with original shows and who are going to create lots of original content. I doubt they are interested in random copyright infringing videos you are trying to hide because they were taken down by Youtube. It would not surprise me if you lose your blip.tv accounts without me having to do anything at all.

Actually I was invited to E3 last year. I didn't go due to college.

I was again invited to E3 this year. I did not attend due to my commitments to developing my upcoming web series and the purchase of studio space. These matters are much more important to the long term plans of my company and demand my full attention.

It was a hard choice to not attend E3 this year. I was invited to a lot of panels and closed events with developers. I was offered opportunities to interview people. These are things I would have liked to do but this is a critical time and I had to make the right decisions.

I hope to attend E3 next year.

In closing, my video response to Roo's JRPG rant is private. I did this myself for one reason only: I'm making a new scripted video that I believe will better clarify what my position on the matter is. Too many people are misconstruing what I was actually saying. Unscripted is probably not the way I should have handled it.

However, scripted or not scripted, I doubt the outcome would have been much different. It is clear to me that some people were looking for a fight and would have picked one no matter what. The problem is they didn't think I would be someone who would fight back and that is their own fault.

They underestimated my intelligence and overestimated how much crap they could get away with.

Click here to read all posts on this topic.
I would like to start this article with an image from Asa's second account. This image pretty much summarizes why Asa got his main account terminated;

Visual proof that Asalieri not only uses homophobic slurs but encourages his fanbase to false flag videos and harrass other Youtubers.

For those unaware, Asalieri was a Youtuber with 3k subscribers who ran a show called "Reviewing a Reviewer". He is also a contributor to the website Busy Street (which, I feel I need to point out, has other contributors who consider it to be perfectly okay to call people fags. I think that speaks for itself what kind of website it is). Asa decided that he so strongly disagreed with my viewpoints on JRPGs that he was going to "destroy" my channel, and proceeded to make four videos that slandered, harrassed and misrepresented my viewpoints (often by taking my statements out of context). He taunted me dozens of times using multiple accounts, telling me that unless I removed my opinion videos he would keep harrassing me. He actively encouraged people to harrass me, often by trying to flood my videos with profane comments (usually videos that had nothing to do with the JRPG debate) and video down-ranking.

Essentially, he was trying to censor me from my own channel because he did not like my opinions.

And he kept this up for a month, non-stop. The final straw was when he uploaded a video using my footage that called me a faggot and told me he would not "let up" until I apologized to him (for what? Probably blocking him from my channel but I can only speculate).

This kind of behavior is typical for Asalieri and is the reason he had multiple Community guidelines warnings long before I ever came along.

Anyone spending time on Google can see Asa has a long history of harrassing people, sometimes to the point he is banned from the forum. By his own admittance he even managed to get himself banned from the American Idol forums. And he has an easily researched history of harrassing people in multiple communities,

I want to quote something from this RPG Maker community link that logs a chat conversation from him;

(asalieri) I was unter the impression you WERE a faggot, Azn

Again, the supposedly "intellectual" Asalieri throws around homophobic slurs in effort to harrass and ridicule.

(Edit: Asa has claimed he uses "fag" the way it was parodied in the South Park Episode: The F Word. However, the above post on the RPG Maker community was made in 2008. The South Park episode was made in 2009. Nice try)

The question you need to ask yourself is this: if Asalieri says this kind of crap in public spaces, what kind of hateful speech do you think he uses when he believes nobody else is looking? What kind does he use in real life when he doesn't have a camera on himself? I imagine something much worse than what he says online but I can only speculate.

Asa claims that he is all about "free speech" but the fact of the matter is the only thing he is after is the ability to say whatever he wants to whomever he wants without any reprecussions, regardless of how his statements make others feel or what effects they have on those individuals. He has harrassed past Youtubers until they terminate their accounts. He gets a kick out of being a bully-- and what is more pathetic is that he's a cyber-bully. He doesn't have the guts to do this sort of thing in person to someone.

And for the record, I have received no counter DMCA notices from him. I imagine this is because for him to send a counter DMCA notice he must submit his personal information-- including his home address--to me so that I can file against him in federal court. I believe he is afraid to do so and for good reason, as I fully intend to defend my legal rights and reputation to the fullest extent the law allows.

Asalieri has made a wide number of fallicious statements regarding everything from my military background, to the existence of my company, to my use of donation funds. He constantly distorts my point of view on the JRPG debate. And he has such diarrhea of the mouth that he can't remember everything he posts for all the world to see.

Fortunately I took screenshots of his video descriptions and comment posts on not only his videos but those of others.

He phrases his accusations as if they were factual statements, not mere suspicions. Thus, based on how he has conducted himself toward me and others, I believe Asalieri is either one of two things; psychologically disturbed to the point he cannot differentiate between his own thoughts and reality, or knowingly lying. Either way he is making serious accusations he has no proof of and that is defamation. His so-called "parodies" are made with malicious intent, which is not protected under the fair use doctrine.

As for the accusations I am false flagging people or harrassing them, I am going to leave you with the following adage; that the proof is in the doing.

Asalieri and his fanboys are having their videos taken down and accounts terminated by Youtube staffers. This is because Asa and his fanboys keep re-uploading videos that are designed solely to slander and harrass me, and use footage from my videos in a way I do not consider to be fair use nor parody due to the slander and harrassment.

In comparison, my account and videos remain.

The only videos of my own that are down are the few I took down myself, primarily because I thought now was as good a time as any to clean up my account a little. I want to focus it more on the game reviews that are vastly more popular than my improv comedy sketches.

Asa has also claimed I've been losing subscribers since this all started. This is false. He also believes that, because in the past he said I was a good reviewer, that I owe all my subscribers to him. This is also untrue as I have never received a sudden inflation of subscribers; I usually get less than 10 a day. I owe Asa nothing.

(However, what is interesting is that I've noticed many of his subscribers who I've had to block from my channel due to their profane commenting have started subbing my channel. I will not be surprised if they intend to do some coordinated mass "un-subbing" to "prove" I'm losing subscribers but my channel's history on SocialBlade should speak for itself).

In closing, your rights end where mine begin. The allegations he has made are untrue and I am more than prepared to fight them fiercely because they are untrue.

PS: I recommend that other professional game reviewers seriously re-consider whether they wish to associate themselves with a man that has no qualms with calling people "faggots" and encourages his users to false flag and comment flood other people's videos.

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