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Demon Face Playstation Controller

http://www.rpgfanatic.net/ Seriously, what the hell is this thing? I've been totally unable to figure out where it comes from. (UPDATE: WE FOUND IT!)

We have a thread going on my Facebook page, we might have figured it out!

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The controller is apparently manufactured by Gemini, a subsidiary of Philips. The controller is part of the "Freaks" lineup of third party controllers released in 2004; my controller is the PS2 Berserker model. Freaks controllers were sculpted by Jeff Kokin, the renowned movie miniature and action figure artist. They are advertised as being "rare" on eBay but I'm uncertain of this.

Think you can help? Know anything more about it? Let me know in the comments below!

This is a new segment in The RPG Fanatic Show where I showcase some of the videogame related things I've come across and just can't figure out where it came from. This item is a devil or demon head controller with horns and burning red cat eyes. I assume it was bundled with a game or something, but I have no idea which game. The Googles tell me nothing!
RPG(ology) Video!

http://rpgfanatic.net In this video I talk about in-game tributes to the deceased that Blizzard has placed into their MMORPG, WoW.

Find more RPG(ology Videos at www.Rpgfanatic.net!

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http://rpgfanatic.net Newsletter #1 for the RPGFanatic.net progress! This video also demonstrates how to add your own rpg video content to the website and submit walkthroughs and let's play videos / commentaries.

How to upload game walkthroughs to RPG Fanatics Game Wiki Site

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http://www.rpgfanatic.net/ We are causing a revolution with this project! Are you ready to be part of it? This video is going to explain why you should, along with the various things I see wrong with the world of video game journalism -- and by extension, journalism in general. I also talk about the problems of websites like Wikipedia, Giant Bomb and GameFAQs that attempt to catalog games but fail to do in a way that is truly useful to gamers who want more than just "quick info", they want reliable and accurate information about the games they love!

The RPG Fanatic Show has been my soapbox for these past few years, but now I'm opening the doors of my website to you! It's not just about me guys, it's about the community! This is a social network for fans of RPGs! Let's make this site a great success!

Note for those wondering why this text says "rpg games" so much, since it sounds redundant. If you use the Google Keyword tool to see trending topics, "rpg games" is actually the most trending keyword search involving the word "rpg". Youtube and Google Search has drastically changed their algorithms to favor trending keywords and brand new uploaded videos, and since I really want people to hear about my website and what we're trying to do for the gaming community, I'm using keywords that will best help this video get seen by people making searches for "rpg games". Thanks for being understanding.

In truth (and I'll talk about this in a future video) the recent changes to Youtube's algorithms are not ones I'm happy about. I think they really hurt the gaming community and I hope my website will make it easier for people to get their Youtube videos seen, especially those with monetized / Partner accounts. Unlike Giant Bomb and GameFAQs we do not discriminate against people who have monetized videos. Giant Bomb and GameFAQs will ban you if you try to use their website to promote your professionally made content, because they view your work as a threat. But here at RPGFanatic.net want believe you should get your high quality content seen, and we want to embrace the Youtube community and allow our site to be another avenue for you to get your videos seen.

In the coming weeks you'll learn more about the site, along with all the new features we are constantly implementing. Subscribe and you'll hear more! Thanks!

We also have a RPG Fanatic video site for your mobile phone!   

Seiken Densetsu 3 / Secret of Mana 2 Review

If you like this video you should also check out the Seiken Densetsu 3 wiki page - RPG Fanatics at my website.


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Seiken Densestu 3 at first glance seems to play very much the same as Secret of Mana. The game continues to use the Ring Menu introduced by Secret of Mana, and while there are still limits on how many healing items you can have with you in battle you are able to store additional items in a 'Storage' menu, though you are unable to use any item in Storage during a battle.

One very noticeable difference is that while Secret of Mana allows 3 players to control each character using the Multi-Tap accessory, Seiken Densetsu 3 does not support the Multi-Tap, and instead is merely a two player game.

That said, Seiken Densetsu 3 is notable for introducing several gameplay and narrative elements that have since become trademarks of the series. The first is the Calendar system, where the game has a concept of time and as you play or sleep at inns, the sun will rise and fall, which has a huge impact on gameplay. During the night, some enemies may be sleeping and certain enemies might only be available to fight during the day.

Each day of the week is associated with a particular Mana Spirit that boosts the elemental power of various spells and attacks associated with that spirit. Additionally, certain events only occur at specific times of day, like the Black Market in X being available only during the night hours, or the character Kevin transforming into a werewolf to boost his attack power.

Seiken Densetsu 3 is also the first game in the series to feature the character of The Mana Goddess whose life is tied to the existence of the Mana Tree, and it also introduced certain monsters like the dreaded Black Rabite.

As you can see in this footage, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful Super Famicom games out there. Graphically it is on the same level as Chrono Trigger and Terranigma, another great title that was never brought to North America. The game's pixel art is very faithful to the concept art created by manga artist Nobuteru YĆ«ki, who is probably best known for his involvement with the anime series The Vision of Escaflowne, but has also been involved in other games like Chrono Cross and Tail Concerto. A lot of the NPC character designs from this title were brought over to future games in the series; notably, Legend of Mana.

The music was composed by Hiroki Kikuta, who had previously scored Seiken Densetsu 2-- known to us as Secret of Mana-- and a lot of the original pieces composed for this game have become staples to future releases. By the way, you've actually been listening to the music throughout this video.

The storyline and concept of the game was created by ‪Koichi Ishii‬, who in addition to being the creator of the Seiken Densetsu franchise was also heavily involved in the development of several SaGa and Final Fantasy titles; as discussed in one of my RPG(logy) videos, he is notable for having invented the Chocobo and Moogle mascots.

The game was directed and produced by longtime Square employee Hiromichi Tanaka -- so long, in fact, that he was one of the first employees of Square, having worked with Hironobu Sakaguchi on Square's first published game, Death Trap in 1984-- and he was involved in many of Square's famous titles, like Final Fantasy 1, 2 and 3.

Most of the Final Fantasy titles have seen at least 3 or 4 different re-releases for multiple platforms, but the Mana series is kind of neglected and only the first two games in the series have seen any remakes. Which is sad, I think, because this is arguably one of the best multiplayer games that was developed for the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo platform, and more people should have a chance to play it.

RPGFanatic.net Beta Announced!

My website has been completely re-designed to be a Web 2.0 gaming community. It is now a cross between GameFAQs and Wikipedia, focused on roleplaying videogames!


You can add Let's Play, Reviews and other kinds of content and have it appear in feeds for that game's article! It's easy! Just use the 'Add Anything' menu then select 'Let's Play', then post your Youtube vid ID tag (the part after "v=" but before the & sign). You can use the drop down menu at the top of the submission page to select the game it is a Let's Play for, and you can even use the [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] brackets to post more videos into the text body section!

Do you make videos for an RPG that isn't in our database? No problem! You can also submit new games to our database, so long as you follow the Style Guide.

We also have a RPG Fanatic video site for your mobile phone!