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RPGFanatic.net Beta Announced!

My website has been completely re-designed to be a Web 2.0 gaming community. It is now a cross between GameFAQs and Wikipedia, focused on roleplaying videogames!


You can add Let's Play, Reviews and other kinds of content and have it appear in feeds for that game's article! It's easy! Just use the 'Add Anything' menu then select 'Let's Play', then post your Youtube vid ID tag (the part after "v=" but before the & sign). You can use the drop down menu at the top of the submission page to select the game it is a Let's Play for, and you can even use the [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] brackets to post more videos into the text body section!

Do you make videos for an RPG that isn't in our database? No problem! You can also submit new games to our database, so long as you follow the Style Guide.

We also have a RPG Fanatic video site for your mobile phone!   


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