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It's been about three months since this all started and while I've tried to explain some things on my blog, a lot of people still PM me misunderstanding. So here, one last video to explain what this has all been about and why it's important.

Roo's post where he acknowledged his rant was directed at me

My blog posts about the trolls (screenshot intensive)

What faggot really means and why it's offensive
These guys just don't get it.

One of Asalieri's fanboys, Templar Gamer (who posts on Youtube as havocy91) recently went on a podcast over at Blistered Thumbs. In their enlightenment they decided to give him 20 minutes to rant about me (it's at the 50 minute mark).

Already some brand spankin' new trolling has started pouring into my Youtube inbox and channel comment box. Thanks Blistered Thumbs, I appreciate that you gave a cyber stalker the opportunity to organize more people to come harass me.

The following screenshots are from the Asalieri2's channel comment box, a somewhat well known internet troll associated with the website Busy Street. Hallmarks of Busy Street's trolling career include accusing TGWTG of making fraudulent charities.

I'm not alone in my opinion he's nobody to be taken seriously.

Havocy91, for whatever reason, decided he wanted to get in on the action and for the past three months has participated in an organized campaign of harassment against my channel, which I've written about before. Yes, it is still ongoing, primarily because I haven't been nearly as proactive as I perhaps should be in reporting them.

But that's about to change.

Anyway, the following screenshots prove without a doubt that Havocy91 made his videos about me as a result of the call to action Asalieri threw out. I mean, just look for yourself. Like the others, he has been outright obsessed with me and has been trying to get a response out of me since posting his videos.

Despite blocking him from Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, he just hasn't taken the hint. Finally giving him that response on the BT forums seemed to just fuel his ego.

Well, you want my attention? Fine, here is is.

By the way, if you were still wondering, Havocy91 is one of the fanboys who supported Asalieri's slanderous accusations against TGWTG about hanging someone upside down in a crucifix. The following few screenshots concern that topic.

The above screenshot shows him asking Asalieri for "evidence" so he can make an anti-TGWTG video.

Take a good strong look at the comment Havocy91 made in this one. This is why I've been reporting the videos; they are trying to make the top Google and Youtube results for my channel be their videos, not mine. They are using these video sites as a way to troll people.

BTW- TGWTG and Blistered Thumbs ought to thank me for challenging these trolls, since as their accounts get terminated so do a large volume of anti-TGWTG and BT videos; in some cases, uploades of entire episodes stolen from your websites.

And even during my podcast "debate" with Asalieri I called him out on his lies concerning TGWTG.

Why you've decided to give a soapbox to one his lackies is quite perplexing to me, but whatever. Next time you think about giving someone 20 minutes to rant about me on the front page, do some research.

PS: It is pretty sad that I have to document their campaign in order to refute their accusations. Some people are way too trusting of the things strangers over the internet say.
About a year ago when I first started making my show, I was interviewed on The Retro League podcast.

I thought some people might find it interesting how relevant the interview now is to the recent events, especially with my goals for the show. This was also done prior to my Youtube Partnership and before I did the MMORPG reviews, which I said I intended to do.

A computer game design major's blog

Like many Youtube Partners do, I routinely check my Insight data to see where the traffic to my videos comes from, as I'm curious where my videos are getting seen at. Sometimes this results me in discovering new websites of interest.

Vladimir Sanchez's blog (posting as Vladmirsan) is one such example.


Of particular interest to me are the posts he's made about his computer RPG project.


There are a variety of different methods that game designers use to design their games and Mr. Sanchez is showing off how he is doing it. His musings and thoughts during the design are interesting, especially since he is trying to recreate a very familiar game...

I encourage others to check out his blog and give him encouragement. Making a computer RPG is no small task-- they are one of the most complex types of games to create-- and anyone who blogs about his design process deserves support!

There are many videos about how this bill is going to ruin the internet for gamers. My video is different.

The bill has nothing to do with fair use. It makes no changes to the sections of copyright law that involve fair use. It is only aimed at updating the terminology to make copyright laws relevant. Even the number of times a work is publicly performed is identical to the number of copies of phonorecords one must make to be convicted.

Again, this bill is not making anything illegal that wasn't already illegal.  All it is doing is making the law clearly say that streaming someone else's copyrighted work is illegal.

The difference is this;

Currently: Uploader must make 10 physical copies of someone else's copyrighted work to be convicted and/or distribute one electronic copy. It doesn't matter if they only make one DVD of a video and show it 1 time or 1 billion times, they must make 10 copies of the DVD to be convicted AND those copies must have a total retail value of more than $2,500.

After bill passes: In addition to the number of copies they make and/or upload to the internet, the number of VIEWS any video or combination of videos receive can ALSO be used to convict if the a total retail value of those views is more than $2,500.

And this is the way the law should work. Think about it. Let's say someone makes an illegal recording of a movie being shown in theatres and then plays that video in their theatre, charging admission. Since they have only one copy they can't be charged, even if they show that copy to a ton of people and make money. But now they can be charged with a felony because it's not just how many copies they made but also how many times they showed that copy without permission.  It is much easier to prove the amount of loss revenue when you look at how many times the video was watched rather than the number of copies that were made.

This is the same concept with websites; it shouldn't be how many copies you made, but how many times the infringing video was watched.

This is a GOOD law.
Links mentioned in the video are below

Read the bill here

US Code Showing that copyright infringement is CURRENTLY a criminal offense resulting in jail time

The No Electronic Theft (NET) Act

What is a phonorecord?

A Fair(y) Use Tale: Crash Course in Copyright law


This video has been "G1 Spotlighted" on ScrewAttack, where you can find a copy of my blog.

Two months ago I made a video that argued the term JRPG is often used in a racist way to discriminate against computer RPGs made by the Japanese. A lot of people misunderstood what I was saying. This new video should better explain what my position on the matter is.

The short version: JRPG is not a genre term. It should only be used to describe the Japanese computer RPG industry, which is composed of many different types of computer rpgs (rogue-likes, action rpgs, strategy rpgs, MMORPGs, etc). But the label "WRPG" is absolutely stupid and meaningless, and really shouldn't be used at all. "The West" is not a country.

Links mentioned in this video:

U.N. International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

List of non-linear Japanese computer roleplaying games

Proposal for new genre definitions


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This is my commentary on the first few minutes of the remastered Final Fantasy 4 release for the PSP. This is not a review of the game; the review for the Complete Collection will be coming soon!